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Professional Auto Repair in Surrey

Clunks, clangs, rattles and other unknown noises coming from your car are certainly not music to your ears. And that icon that just popped up on your dashboard is a sign that something may be wrong with your car. But a car is such a sophisticated machine that trying to guess what is wrong with it is going to be of no use.


Let BC Tires Auto Pro take the guesswork out of diagnostics. Using the latest technology, we can scan, locate and analyze the source of your car trouble. We will be able to complete the necessary repairs that are needed to get your vehicle back in safe working order. For all automobile repairs in Surrey, reach out to us. We provide quality services whether your car needs brake repairs or tire repairs, we can help.

Get Back on the Road Faster

Reading the codes from your car’s onboard computer system is only the first step in determining the cause of that blinking light. We go in-depth to pinpoint the exact problem so you’re not stuck paying for parts and repairs you don’t need. We look into the all major components including the car’s engine, exhaust system, transmission and brakes. We also check if there are any performance issues caused due to problems in the fuel injector, air flow and coolant and ignition coils. Once we diagnose the car and identify the condition of your vehicle, we let you know of the necessary repairs to be made. With a fast turnaround time and affordable prices, you’ll be cruising again in no time.

Bring your vehicle for regular maintenance and keep all components of your car in good condition. This not only prevents expensive repairs later but also reduces wear and tear of the engine and extends the life of your vehicle.

If you are concerned about the way your vehicle is running, take note of any unusual symptoms—difficult handling, vibrations, pulling to one side—and bring your car into us for an accurate diagnosis.

Brake Inspection

It's essential to keep your brakes in good condition, and if they are faulty, it is important to get them repaired so you can stop in time of an emergency. To maintain your brakes, you need to get them inspected regularly. Usually, brakes are checked after your vehicle has been driven for 10,000-20,000 miles. However, this could vary as per your vehicles' needs. It is best to check your owner's manual for details.


If you hear unusual noises from your brakes or your pedal feels different, it could be a sign of your brake being on the verge of failure. In this case, we recommend you have your brake repaired. Other signs of brake failure include:

  • Leaking brake fluid
  • Shaking or vibration upon braking
  • Unusually hard or soft brakes

For maximum safety and performance, book an appointment for us to inspect your breaks.

Stay While Safe Driving

Get your brakes inspected regularly to ensure they are work well and you’re safe in an emergency.

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